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Many people go through their lives and don’t have their eyesight tested until signs of deterioration start to occur. The truth is that everybody should have their eyes tested on a regular basis. To answer the question at the top of this blog, yes, children should go for eye tests. Here are the reasons why optometrists and ophthalmologists conduct eye tests for children.

EARLY DETECTION AND LIFELONG TRACKING Eye tests early in a child’s life will allow the patient, the parent and the practitioner to establish the status of the child’s eyesight. Essentially, everyone will know what the child is working with right from the start. If there are any problems, such as signs of short-sightedness or astigmatism, they can be detected early and dealt with from a young age so that it doesn’t affect the individual’s education and other aspects of life. During early exams – both the initial one and follow-up tests – the optometrist can assess the status of a number of key visual skills that a child needs for optimal learning. These include visual acuity, accurate eye movement, focusing skills and eye teaming ability.

YOU NEED TO START YOUNGER THAN YOU THINK You should take your children for their first eye exams at the age of six months. This should be followed up when they are three years old and then just before they enter first grade. If no correction is required, children should have follow-up exams every years. Children who are prescribed glasses may need to be checked more frequently.

At 3 for 1 Glasses, an eye test for your child is a service we gladly provide. One of our optometrists will examine his/her eyesight and advise you both on the best eyewear for their particular needs. Our onsite optician will make the required lenses and your child will be able to choose three pairs of eyewear for use in different aspects of their daily life.

Our name is an accurate description of our service. For every pair of glasses we prescribe for your child, we will provide two other pairs – swimming goggles, sunglasses or whatever they require – at no additional charge! We promise you the best value for money on eyeglasses anywhere in Oakville, or possibly even in Ontario for that matter!

For more information or to book an eye exam, contact us.

We are located only 7 min West of Oakville Go Station and 6 min North West of Downtown Oakville.

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