4 Reasons Why Cyclists Should Invest in Prescription Eyeglasses

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Sunglasses are not just a fashion statement in the cycling world. They act as a protective measure for the eyes, safeguarding a rider’s eyes from wayward stones, dust, pollen and other debris. This allows for a safe and pleasant experience on the bike. Here are four reasons why cyclists should invest in prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses.

1. Clearer Vision

If your vision is not quite 20/20, you may struggle to see certain aspects of the road clearly, which can put your safety at risk. Prescription eyeglasses can be worn when riding to help you maintain your vision clarity and keep an eye out for cars, pedestrians and other cyclists.

2. Protection from Eye Injuries

You are hurtling across a wide array of surfaces at very high speeds when riding a bicycle. As a result, you are more at risk of sustaining an eye injury due to objects floating and flying around in the air, such as pebbles and stones, insects and dirt. If you tend to cycle in rural areas where foliage grows uninhibited, there is also a chance of sustaining an eye injury from an overhanging twig or branch. Luckily, these painful injuries can be avoided with the right eye protection in the form of prescription sunglasses.

3. Protection from Sunlight

Prescription sunglasses for cyclists will aid in protecting your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays and photokeratitis (which is basically sunburn on the eyes), in particular. On especially sunny days, they will make it easier for you to see clearly without having to strain your eyes, too.

4. Protection from Dry Eyes

Your eyes are certain to become dry, scratchy and inflamed when exposed to wind. Unfortunately, the wind is completely unavoidable when riding a bicycle! The right prescription eyeglasses or sunglasses for cyclists will assist in keeping your eyes moist and comfortable no matter how far you intend to ride.

Here at 3for1glasses, we offer professional eye exams, as well as three pairs of prescription eyeglasses for the price of one. Make an appointment today!

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