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Updated: Jul 13

All day, every day, our eyes are at work. When we are not at work looking at our computers, we are navigating busy roads, watching television, reading books and taking in our sensory environment.

In the summer, our eyes feel the strain even more due to the increased heat levels in the atmosphere. Heat tires out our eyes more than ever, which is why your eyes may feel tired, scratchy, itchy or even swollen in summer. Here are our top five summer health tips for your eyes:

1. REST YOUR EYES After you have returned home from a long day at the office, rest your eyes for a while. Take a short nap so that your eyes can let off some steam.

2. ICE PACKS AND EYE MASKS If you suffer from persistent eye irritations or swollen eyes, use an ice pack to cool them down. There are also eye masks that have been specifically developed for summer eye health care.

3. USE EYE DROPS Consult with your medical practitioner for eye drops. There are also over-the-counter solutions that are designed for soothing and cooling.

4. INVEST IN HIGH-QUALITY SUNGLASSES Looking into the sun’s harmful UV-rays can damage your eyesight. Invest in high-quality sunglasses to offer not just some relief, but also protection to your eyes. At 3 for 1 Glasses, we offer the widest range of leading brand names. Whether you are interested in the latest frames or require sunglasses that have been designed for athletes, you can get them in our store. Invest in your eye health this summer!

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