How to Protect Your Eyesight through the Winter Months

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Just because the skies are gray and dreary throughout wintertime does not mean that you no longer need to worry about protecting your eyes from the sun. Here are 5 foolproof tips for safeguarding your eyesight during the winter months.

1. Wear Your Sunglasses

Sunglasses that provide you with UV-A and UV-B protection should still be worn during the day throughout the winter. These rays often manage to penetrate straight through the clouds and can reflect off snow and water, leading to damage to your eyesight over time.

2. Wear a Hat

A hat will help to further eliminate the amount of UV exposure that you are exposed to.

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3. Wear Eye Protection

Various winter activities (such as shoveling snow) can cause eye damage if you are not wearing the correct eye protection. A pair of winter goggles should do the trick to protect your eyes.

4. Moisten Your Eyes

Due to the fact that your heating system will be working hard and consistently throughout the next few months, the air inside your home is likely to be quite dry. This can have a detrimental effect on your eyes, causing discomfort and redness. Keep them moist despite lower humidity levels with the help of some quality eye drops. You can also reduce your dry eye symptoms by using a humidifier indoors, especially at night.

5. Practice Proper Eye Hygiene

Did you know that pink eye is much more common in winter? This could be because people are more reluctant to wash their hands when they should due to the chilly weather. Keep those hands clean at all costs and avoid touching your eyes if you have not washed them recently.

Also, be sure to get your eyes tested if you are concerned about your eyesight. This goes for winter and any other time of the year. Book your appointment with 3for1glasses online today and get three pairs of glasses for the price of one!

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