How to Choose Eyeglasses to Suit Your Face and Style

choose eyeglasses to fit your face 3for1 glasses Oakville

The task of having to choose the perfect eyeglasses can be quite daunting. With so many shapes, styles, full-rim or rimless frames, colours and designs available, making your final decision isn’t always easy. Be it for every day all-day wear or reading glasses, you want to feel comfortable and confident when wearing your glasses.

The general rule when looking for glasses to suit you, is to look for a frame shape that is opposite to your facial shape. Frames can soften or harden certain facial features, so it is always important to create the perfect balance.

Follow this guideline to find your perfect style when having your next eye exam:

    • Round Face shape
  • Rectangular and square shaped glasses with bold, angular lines are the perfect complement, giving the face contour and length. A full rimmed, thicker frame will bring balance to your soft features.

      • Square Face Shape

    To help soften your features, choose an oval or round frame, broader in width than it is tall. A slim softer frame adds contrast to strong facial features.

      • Oval Face Shape

    Due to the more balanced proportions any shaped frame mostly suits an oval face. To keep the natural balance of proportions it is best to look for frames as wide (or wider) than your cheekbones.

      • Heart Face Shape

    A rectangular, oval, or wayfarer shape compliments your features. Light colours and rimless glasses, or a minimal frame are very flattering.

    • Triangle Face Shape

    Top-heavy styles with a semi-rimless bottom frame bring attention to the top of the face. Rectangular, oval, or cat-eyed shapes work best.

    eyeglasses frames to fit your face 3for1 glasses Oakville

    Eyeglasses are an accessory when worn as a necessity

    Eyeglasses have become not just a necessity to the person that is prescribed them, but also an accessory with everyday wear. By narrowing your choices down to the most suited frame according to the shape of your face and the most suited style, you will have a better idea of where to start. Now, it’s just down to your personal preference.

    For more assistance in finding your perfect pair of eyeglasses book your eye exam online or visit our store. We can’t wait to see you!

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