Does My Child Have Vision Problems? Watch For These Warning Signs:

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Vision problems in children are relatively common, with 18% of children tested for eye exams suffering from one or more vision problem, and 14% of said children also requiring prescription glasses, according to the MEC. So, how do you know if your child needs glasses? What are the symptoms that you should be on the look-out for? We investigate below:

  • Eye Irritation

    If you notice that your child is rubbing their eyes or blinking more frequently than normal, it is a sign that something might be amiss.

  • Squinting

    Squinting to see something is a tell-tale sign that your child’s eyesight might not be 100%.

  • Sitting Close To The Television

    Children with poor eyesight will instinctively sit as close to the TV as they can get.

  • Suffering From Headaches

    While vision problems are not the only possible cause of frequent headaches or migraines in children, they are certainly a common cause.

  • Short Attention Span

    Because they struggle to focus on things as a result of poor eyesight, kids with vision problems will also often have a short attention span.

  • Struggling With Reading

    Kids may often lose their place when reading or battle to remember what they have read if vision problems are indeed present.

Remember, however, that not all vision problems present with noticeable symptoms. That is why it is important to send kids for an eye test at least once every year. Children who have already been diagnosed with a vision problem should visit their optometrist more regularly – preferably on an annual basis.

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