Discover the benefits of progressive lenses.

With so many to choose from, your Oakville 3 for 1 Glasses wants to ensure that you’re getting the right pair of lenses for your next pair of glasses.

If you’ve received a multifocal prescription from your optometrist, you’ll have the option of choosing between bifocal or progressive lenses. If you don’t know the difference between the two, you’re not alone. Keep these points in mind when you choose your next pair of lenses:

Bifocal lenses are for those who require separate prescriptions for distance and reading. They are easily distinguished by a line at the bottom of the lens. While bifocals allow you to have both distance and reading prescriptions in one lens, they don’t have an intermediate range in between.

Progressive lenses, however, contain an area for intermediate prescriptions, but unlike bifocals, progressive lenses don’t contain a line and appear to be a regular lens at first glance. Intermediate prescriptions are typically for those who have a lot of visual demands or spend a lot of time on the computer. If you spend most of your day looking at a screen, you should consider a pair of glasses with lenses made specifically for computers.

Computer glasses, as they’re also known, feature lenses with an anti-glare coating to filter light and enhance your view of the screen. Some computer glasses also feature lenses with a yellow tint to improve your screen’s contrast.

To learn more about bifocals, progressive lenses, and computer glasses, reach out to the friendly professionals at Oakville 3 for 1 Glasses today. You can contact them by phone at 905-849-1522, by email at, by using their online form or by visiting them in person at 220 North Service Road West. 3 for 1 Glasses is also online on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ posts, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Goldbook.

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