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How to Protect Your Eyesight through the Winter Months

Just because the skies are gray and dreary throughout wintertime does not mean that you no longer need to worry about protecting your eyes from the sun. Here are 5 foolproof tips for safeguarding your eyesight during the winter months.

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How to Choose Sports Goggles for Comfort and Performance

You’ve decided to purchase a pair of sports goggles to enhance and to support your sporting performance. With the large range and various types available, where do you start? Do you go with the ‘off-the-rack’ general sports eyewear (which you can find at your local pharmacy)? Or, do you choose individually fitted eyewear for a […]

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Why Tears Matter to Your Eye Health

The basic components of tears are water, electrolytes, proteins, lipids and mucins. Tears play a vital role in your eye health as they protect your eyes from damage and keep your eyeballs clean and moist.

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We will be reopening on Monday June 1. As we must limit the number of customers in the store, we recommend calling for an appointment so our staff are available to safely assist you.
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