Your child’s eye health might affect their grades

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To ensure that your child does well in school, the friendly professionals at Oakville’s 3 for 1 Glasses want to remind you of the importance of a yearly eye exam.

As around 80 per cent of your child’s learning occurs visually during his or her first year of school, eye health is crucial for success in elementary school. In fact, undiagnosed vision problems have been linked to learning or behavioural problems, as children who have them can’t see or concentrate on what’s before them. With the right corrective lenses, your child might be able to receive dramatically better grades as they might find schoolwork more interesting and enjoyable.

For younger kids, it may be hard for them to articulate that they might have vision problems, as they may likely be unaware of what their vision should be. With various OHIP-covered tests that check for colour vision accuracy, eye muscle balance, visual acuity, and other facets relating to eye health, an optometrist can determine if there is in fact a vision problem.

If your child does need glasses, ensure they’re a part of the process of finding ones that suit them. Finding a fun pair that expresses their personality can make them more inclined to wear them. With many colours and shapes to choose from, the friendly and knowledgeable professionals at 3 for 1 Glasses can help your kid find the right fit for them. Whether your child is an athlete or a gamer, the friendly staff will help you find the right lenses that are appropriate for their lifestyle.

To learn more about kids’ eye tests and glasses, reach out to the professionals at 3 for 1 Glasses today. You can contact them by phone at 905-849-1522, email at, use their online form, or visit in person at 220 North Service Road West at Dorval. You can also find 3 for 1 Glasses online on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Goldbook.

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