Combat astigmatism with eyewear from Oakville’s 3 for 1 Glasses

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The CYL or cylinder column refers to your astigmatism.

Astigmatism might sound scary, but if you ask the professionals at Oakville’s 3 for 1 Glasses , they’ll tell you it’s nothing to lose sleep over.

Astigmatism is a vision problem  that is also known as directional distortion, and it can easily be fixed with a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses.

In fact, if you’ve noticed you’ve had blurred vision, distorted vision, eye soreness, foggy vision, headaches, a lazy eye, or have been squinting lately, you might have a vision problem that might include astigmatism.

Even if you already have prescription eyeglasses or contacts, you need to update your prescription every two years to ensure that your lenses are still right for you. However, if you have an up-to-date prescription for glasses already, you may be surprised to know that it already contains information on astigmatism. All lens prescriptions are written on a chart, and the “Cylinder” column, referring to cylindrical power, fine tunes your prescription and directly addresses astigmatism.

It, along with all the other columns, can appear in positive or negative numbers. Positive numbers typically affect your sight for things close up like reading a book, while negative numbers usually affect things far away, such as recognizing signs while you’re driving.

If you believe you might have astigmatism or another vision problem, reach out to the 3 for 1 Glasses team today. It’s a call you won’t regret making as CNIB  says that 75 per cent of vision loss can be prevented or treated if caught on time.


To learn more about astigmatism, contact the professionals at 3 for 1 Glasses today. You can reach them by phone at 905-849-1522, email using their online form , or visit in person at 220 North Service Road West at Dorval. Follow them on Facebook , Twitter , Google+ , Pinterest , LinkedIn , and check them out on Goldbook .


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