Frame Style Basics

Choosing new frames can be a daunting task- with so much variety across the board, it’s hard to single in on a pair you really love. Well fear not, we’ve created an easy-to-use guide to frame styles so that the next time you get a new frame (or three), you’ll know what to ask for.

Plastic – These are pretty easy to pick out from the rest. These frames by nature have thicker rims, and are available in endless colour schemes. The nose-pads on these frames are NOT adjustable, so be conscious of their fit around the nose. These frames a good option for people with metal allergies.

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Metal – Available in a huge variety of styles, these frames come in varying thickness and surface treatments. These frames tend to be lighter and thinner in nature, although depending on their design this is not always the case. These frames have adjustable nose-pads, making them ideal for adjustments. Metal frames are made with a variety of different metals; if you are allergic to a specific material, be sure to ask for hypo-allergenic frames.

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Semi-Rimless – Made from both plastic and metal, these frames are easily identifiable by their exposed lens edges. Depending on your RX, these frames may not be a safe choice for your lenses; be sure to ask a sales associate for direction in this area! Semi-rimless frames that have exposed bottoms are ideal for progressive lenses- because they’re open, the lens can be extended or shortened several millimeters to achieve optimal lens lengths for your bifocals.

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Have any more questions about frame types? Feel free to give us a call @ 905-849-1522, send us an email inquiry, or write to us on Facebook!

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