Interesting History Facts about Glasses

Did you know glasses are not actually made with glass anymore? Despite the increasing popularity of glasses, most people don’t know very much about them. Here’s some interesting history facts about glasses we think are worth sharing!

  • The use of corrective lenses dates WAY back- as early as 54 AD, Roman Emperor Nero used an emerald as a binocular during gladiator games.
  • The first sunglasses with lenses come from 12th Century China, where flat planes of smokey quartz were used as tinted lenses to cut out glare from the sun.
  • A single creator/inventor of glasses has never been identified.
  • The first prescription lenses were created in Italy during the 13th century, made of glass, and were placed directly onto the eye. In other words, the original glasses were actually contact lenses!
  • The first bi-focal lenses were created by Benjamin Franklin, who suffered from both nearsightedness and farsightedness.
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