Are Your Glasses the Right Size?

Are your glasses too small? Perhaps they’re too large? You’d be surprised how many people don’t actually know! The size of your glasses is more than just aesthetic; it directly affects not only the clarity of your vision but also the thickness of the lens. Finding a size for anything can be difficult, but fear not! 3-for-1 Glasses is here to help!

Did you know that glasses- and I mean ALL glasses- come in numbered sizes? Knowing your frame size can be useful information when choosing glasses, but we’ve got an easier way to find the perfect fit; center the pupil! The next time you’re trying on frames, be conscious of where your pupil sits inside the frame. The closer to the center you are, the clearer your overall vision will be. Centering the pupil in a frame also helps you get the thinnest lenses possible, so if you’ve got a strong RX pay close attention to the examples below!

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This eye is perfectly centered in the lens! This patient would have clear vision all around the lens and extra thin lenses. If you’re RX is high it’s VERY important the eye is centered!

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This eye is centered vertically but not horizontally. The pupil falls towards the outer-edge of the frame; this is a sign that the frame is TOO SMALL!

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This eye is centered vertically but not horizontally. The eye is closer to the bridge of the frame, this means the frame is TOO LARGE!

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This eye is centered horizontally but not vertically. There is more room ABOVE the pupil than below; this is a sign that the frame is sitting too high on the bridge. You may need to adjust the nosepads on metal frames OR find a frame with a wider bridge!

Remember that sizing is relative to your personal RX. Over-sized glasses are a major trend right now, but your visual clarity is more important! If your RX will allow for an over-sized frame, you can play with more variety of sizing and pupil placement:

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This eye is not totally centered in the frame. A lower RX may permit over-sized frames. Ask a staff member for help if you’re not sure!

Have any more questions about frame sizing and choices? Feel free to give us a call @ 905-849-1522, send an email to, or write to us on Facebook!

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