How to keep your glasses healthy!

It’s important to have your glasses updated every two years so that you can keep your eyes happy and working their best; but what happens if your glasses don’t last two years? Here’s a few tips on how to keep your glasses healthy so they can keep you healthy!


  1. Keep them in a hard case – This is something many of us struggle with! As easy as it may be to just throw your glasses in your bag, remember that there are other things in their that could crush your frames or scratch your lenses. Keep a hard case in your bag and put your glasses in their instead; it will take up just as much room as your glasses and keep them looking much nicer!
  2. Don’t clean your glasses with your shirt – Chances are your shirt is wearing away at your coatings, even if it’s not apparent at first. Ideally your lenses should be cleaned with a micro-fiber cloth designed for lens cleaning. Don’t have any micro-fiber cloths? Stop by in store and ask for one, they’re free!
  3. Don’t wear your glasses on your head – Seriously! Wearing your glasses on your head will not only stretch your frames out, but may also damage your lenses. Rubbing your lenses against your hair can damage your coatings over time, and if your frame it stretched enough your lenses may fall right out!
  4. Bring your glasses in for regular tune-ups – It takes 10 minutes and is totally free! Bringing your glasses into the professionals to have them re-adjusted and tightened up can make a world of difference. Your glasses will look refreshed and new, plus it’s a good time to grab a refill on any glasses accessories you may need.

Do you have more tips for how to keep your glasses healthy? Let us know! You can call us @ 905-8491522, send us an email, or write to us on Facebook and Twitter!

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