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“Hola! The Patients at our Primary eye Care Clinic say “Muchos gracias” for the many donated eye glasses. Their appreciation is sincere- as is mine!” — Tommy Thompson” (The generous man who personally collects and flies all donations straight to Nicaragua)

It’s recommended you have your prescription updated every two years, which can also mean a new pair of glasses. It’s not uncommon for people to begin collecting old frames that stay unused and packed away for years, and many customers ask us what to do with their old ones. Our recommendation: Donate them!

3 for 1 Glasses  is working together with Third World Eye Care Society and accepting donations of old glasses  in-store. All of our donated glasses are flown to Nicaragua and given to people who need them the most. Patients are tested for their eyeglass RX and matched up with a pair of donated glasses that fits as closely as possible.

You can bring in your old glasses for donation during regular operating hours. Bring as many as possible, every pair helps someone in need!

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