Bifocal vs Progressive

Image of a person holding up an uncut lined bifocal lens.

An example of an uncut bifocal lens. Notice the line separating where distance and reading meet; in a progressive lens this line is not present.

At 3-for-1 Glasses we offer a wide variety of lenses. As people come in with a multi-focal RX we will ask if you want a bi-focal or progressive lens, and we’ve discovered that many people are not sure what the difference is. This blog will help clarify a few things about these two very different lens types!

Bi-Focal Lenses are a lined-multifocal lens designed for people with distance and reading prescriptions. These lenses can be characterized by the visible line in the bottom-third of your lens. A bi-focal lens will allow you to see both distance and up-close, but does not include intermediate range visions.

Progressive Lenses are a no-line multifocal lens  designed for people with distance, reading, and intermediate prescriptions. These lenses look just like a standard lens, but offer your full range of visions including distance, computer, up-close, and everything in between! Progressive Lenses are  recommended for people with high-visual demands, including those with computer or intermediate prescriptions. If you spend a lot of time in doing computer work, you could also consider a dedicated-computer lens.

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